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Who we are

Pelago is a software company founded in 2000 in Santa Barbara, CA. We are the creators of Intervals time tracking and project management software that launched in 2006. Today, Intervals is used by thousands of small businesses in over one hundred countries. Intervals proudly celebrated its 15 year anniversary in 2021.

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Our roots

Pelago started as a web design and development agency in 2000. Most of our initial work was design related but we discovered a special talent for building custom web applications. A few short years later, we had designed and developed over 300 web sites and web applications for over 100 clients.

Along the way we learned a lot about the challenges of keeping projects on budget, billing for small work requests, and keeping priorities straight. We had tried everything to keep us organized and efficient — paper timesheets, Excel spreadsheets, installed software and web-based software. Every single solution had serious shortcomings.

Then we had one large project go especially out of control. The inadequate methods we used to track time cost us dearly. We needed software that would make time tracking easy while showing real visibility into project budgets. Nothing existed that solved our problem so we had to build it ourselves.

How we got to where we are now

How we got to where we are now

Development continued on for months — eking out code during the calm moments between client projects. We measured all of our past successes and failures, then distilled them into the perfect blend of features.

Fast forward to launch day in 2006. We knew other small teams had experienced the same failures we had, but we did not know our experience was so widespread. After launching Intervals, we began to see people signing up from all over the world. Our very first "Top Shelf" customer was in Sweden and is still a customer today.

Intervals continues to grow and evolve, and we are constantly impressed by how many different industries find Intervals a good fit. Intervals was initially built for web development challenges but businesses in many industries face the same daily challenge of keeping their projects right-side up. And, we continue using Intervals at Pelago, to manage every aspect of our business including the Intervals design and development process.

We are proud to be a bootstrapped and profitable company, and fortunate to live and work in a city bounded by mountains and ocean. We are committed to our customers, the people who’ve made Intervals what it is today, and to listening, so we can continue infusing Intervals with real experiences from around the world.

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