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Michael Payne

About Michael

Michael is a co-founder of Pelago and the resident guru architect behind Intervals, Pelago’s flagship web-based software service. Michael’s years of experience working with a wide range of web and IT projects and his finely tuned instinct for what makes small businesses tick serve him well. He has directed the planning, contractual agreement, site architecture and development of over 100 web sites for Pelago since 2000. Michael is one of those energetic and passionate small business owners that wears a thousand hats from product management, strategic planning, information technology, quality assurance, finance, SEM, customer support and just about anything else that needs to be done to help Pelago succeed.

Michael holds a BA degree in Economics from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, with a second major in Social Science and has earned several certifications including an expert certification in Microsoft Project and Michael is a Certified ScrumMaster.

Michael also happens to be a former basketball player (for Westmont of course), an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, a technology tinkerer, and the proud owner of a souped-up 1990 Vanagon Carat, which we all know as the ‘Capsule of Fun.’ Michael affectionately calls her Katharina.