Intervals™ ) Hosted Project Management for Small Businesses

Intervals Two Minute Introduction
Two minute introduction to Intervals

Intervals is our flagship hosted service. Intervals was built for our needs as a web development shop. The daily challenges of juggling tasks, handling a high volume of work requests, launching and maintaining web sites, tracking time and invoicing customers was no easy chore before we built Intervals. Pelago is a small company and we know what it is like to be spread thin and have a massive task list. Intervals helps us spend our time wisely and keep our workload manageable while knowing exactly where all of our time and energy is going.

We love Intervals for helping us optimize our work environment. Our clients also love it because Intervals keeps them apprised of their projects in real-time. Most of their questions about the status of a project can be answered with a few clicks.

Time and task tracking are a very difficult challenge for any service company…especially if you bill for your time. Yet, both are crucial for managing priorities and evaluating the health of your business. Intervals makes this easy with web-based timers, thoughtful task management and a variety of reports to evaluate your business. We launched Intervals in 2006 and it is currently being used by small businesses in over 100 countries. Learn more about the history of Intervals.


Who Should Use Intervals?

Anyone, like us, tired of losing time and money to unproductive or outdated methods. Intervals is ideal for small businesses, PR companies, designers, agencies, web shops, software companies, freelancers, and IT service companies.


Pricing and Plans

Plan Monthly Price Projects Documents Users SSL  
Unlimited USD 299 Unlimited None Unlimited
Top Shelf USD 199 Unlimited 150GB Unlimited
Premium USD 149 100 100GB Unlimited
Not So Basic USD 79 50 50GB Unlimited
Basic USD 49 25 25GB Unlimited

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Intervals Anatomy

Intervals is built using the Archipelago Framework and the latest web technologies, including the following:

Intervals answers these questions
  • Who is our most important client?
  • What is our average hourly rate?
  • Who on our team is getting it done?
  • Is this project over budget?
  • Do we need to hire someone?
  • How billable are we this quarter?
  • and much more...
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