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Process Is Relative
As much as we are tempted to say Discover - Design - Deploy just so we can cross it off the list of acceptable alliteration, we're going to refrain. Each web project has unique needs.
We get inside our clients’ minds, see with their eyes and hear with their ears. We learn the inner workings of what makes them so successful. We become one with the client; then we apply this experience and knowledge to their web needs.
Logical Design,
Creative Engineering

Pelago is a unique mixture of software developers with art degrees and web designers trained in the mysteries of code.

Process is Relative

Process is a fluid concept, not a marketing slogan. Every one of our clients has different, unique needs, so why force everyone into the same mold? We tailor our time-tested methodologies to each client's specific, individual nature and needs, but everyone still gets the same level of Pelago expertise, insight, and knowledge.

They say it’s not about where you’re going, but how you get there. It's the journey. And we know a lot about making the trip worthwhile.

Pelago is a highly adaptable group of smart and diverse minds. We can seamlessly integrate ourselves into any client project as a design, engineering, or conceptual team. We assist graphic designers by helping them push beyond their already great abilities, and by auditing their work during the design phase, optimizing their vision into an intuitive, online experience. We speak the same language as engineers and can translate their work from bits and bytes into pixels, designing for them an interface that integrates with their accomplishments (think Velcro, not gilded metal). And we rescue those wandering web teams who need a little guidance by walking them through the process of architecting a site.

We understand the entire process well enough to know how to break it down and adapt its components to smaller projects. Because very few projects are truly ‘start to finish’, we have become experts on what happens in between.


Project Plan

If warranted, a detailed project plan is created which outlines the goals and responsiblities.

Site Map

The contents of each site are organized into a site map to guide the development process.


Wireframes are designed for each page to articulate the user-flow.

Pencils to Pixels

Pencil Sketch

We begin each design with several pages of pencil sketches — the computer isn't nearly as witty and creative as a Ticonderoga.

Final Design

Pencil sketches are rendered into detailed comps — identical to how the site will look once completed.

Clean Coding Standards

HTML Templates

Pelago takes a clean and semantic approach to building HTML templates, paying close attention to content organization and flow.


We utilize proven design patterns, like MVC, and object-oriented code to develop fast and efficient sites that are easy to develop and maintain.


Each and every one of the web sites and applications we build represents a unique business. And each has a unique business model or process that must be visually, verbally and functionally expressed online—with accuracy and appeal. That can mean quite literally anything: capturing a client's corporate culture with the right images and color scheme, adapting a business operations model or process to an interactive application, or designing the right user interface with the right functionality for a specific target demographic.

We've got an unparalleled ability to learn and distill the inner workings of a business down to its very essence.

Logical Design, Creative Engineering

Logical Design, Creative Engineering

Pelago was born out of a solid understanding of the relationship between design and engineering (that marriage that makes the web so unique). Interactive design realizes its full potential when created with the mindset of an engineer, and web engineering is best executed when handled by the abstract mentality of a designer. We understand them both well enough to reconcile their differences and quirks into highly successful web applications.

Web design can be broken down into pixels, which can be further broken down into strings of ones and zeros… binary code. Understanding the medium—the server, web browser, and screen—help us design better web sites, and better online experiences. Our engineering expertise is indespensible when choosing clean typefaces that render clearly on computer screens, replacing clunky graphical elements with elegant stylesheet equivalents to decrease load times, and designing unique layouts that will translate easily into clean, fast code.

Engineering for the web is even more abstract than the design process. All of the components that go into a web site — databases, software, servers, layers upon layers of code — must be well designed and executed. Optimizing web pages for search engine rankings, writing clean code that can be easily read and understood by other developers, building efficient and scalable server environments; these are the creative challenges we face on a daily basis.

Pelago Factoids

  • Founded in 2000
  • 100+ Clients
  • 300+ Projects
  • 5 Team Members
  • 64 Collective Years of Experience

Client Testimonial

We are impressed with Pelago’s technical aptitude as well as their hands-on approach to solving our difficult problems. They have an excellent team that has consistently exceeded our expectations.
— Michael Kao, Director of Techology
Green Street Advisors