What We Do


Our mantra at Pelago is logical design and creative engineering. We passionately believe great web sites and web applications are built on design that respects functionality and a back end that understands the importance of creativity.

We are a close-knit team of experienced strategists, designers and builders with complementary, often overlapping skill sets. We can take your project from genesis to launch to dedicated follow-through and maintenance. Or we can take on whatever piece of the project you’re missing.

In fact, we’re often asked to come onboard as the web technology partner for ad agencies, creative professionals, and companies with internal design teams who lack technical expertise and/or resources in web technology.

Web Development & Production

Very simply, we know how to produce and build quality web sites and applications. From planning & discovery, to design, production, web application development and post-launch maintenance, we can bring your project from an idea to full material reality. Or we can just step back and code, and let your design agency or internal creative team handle the design aspect.

We’re also big believers in open source. We actively support the global Open Source community—90% of our projects are on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). We specialize in PHP / MySQL and PHP / PostgreSQL development. And Web 2.0? We can scrub the floors with AJAX and play Tag in the front yard, but we’re not huge fans of slinging buzzwords around just to impress our clients. If it works, and there’s a reason for it, we’ll use it. If it’s too new, or we can’t find a genuine reason to use it, we’ll think twice about it.

Web Design

Our original tagline at Pelago was Intelligent Design. To us, Intelligent Design is all about designing for the medium, not molding the medium to the design. A web site is an entire world, an environment where design, functionality, copy, content, accessibility and technology play closely together. If one element doesn’t collaborate with the others, you may end up with an undesirable online experience. And because design is the face of all the other elements coming together, it must be done right.

Internet Business Strategy

We’ve worked on over 300 projects since 2000, mainly with small and medium businesses. That’s a lot of ideas crossing our desks, and we’ve seen them all—the good, the bad, the ugly.

So whatever your questions are, whatever stage your site is in, whatever your needs are, talk to us. Our discovery phase and strategy packages are very flexible—whether it’s a full-scale Internet strategy or just a few contract hours of strategic thinking that you need, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Contact us to learn more.


Launching your site is just the first step. Like a garden, sites need periodic care and attention. Consistent and regular updates, refining the site, and responding to user feedback are essential to online success.

Whether you have an internal web team that you want us to supplement, or you wish to outsource the entire maintenance, we have a variety of maintenance packages to meet your needs—contact us to find out more about our Maintenance Packages.