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Layer51 Prototype

What is Layer51 Prototype?
Jaime Prado is the creator of Layer51 Prototype. Six years in the making, this website represents a community of fellow web developers who are willing to share and communicate work, ideas and experiments to everyone in the world. Layer51 Prototype is the first and longest-running code repository out there.

What is a Prototype?
A prototype is no more than a function that does a specific task. Flash Prototypes however, are special global functions which are made available to the whole Flash application. Flash version 5.0 included the first version of true ActionScript. ActionScript used prototype-based programming based on ECMAScript as well as full procedural programming. You can read more about prototypes in at Wikipedia.

Jaime got the idea to start prototype from visiting, which at the time, was one of the biggest flash community sites out there. In summary, threads were started, and snippets of code were shared, but as the site grew in popularity, the site drew itself harder to navigate. It was at that point when all of the code was organized and placed on prototype.

The website is built with ASP.NET V1.0 & VB.NET paired with SQL Server 2000 and a bunch of simple xhtml templates.