Sidecar ) Contributions to our Tiny Universe


Our goal as a group of contemporary strategists, designers, and engineers is to push beyond the creative boundaries of web development. This is why we spend 15% of our time developing new ideas that might benefit our industry and our clients. Our “sidecar projects” are a testimony to this explorative and entrepreneurial spirit.

This is where we showcase our contributions to the fluctuating World Wide Web.


An experimental, 5-pixel typeface served up by a web service. Ideal for photo captions and small links.

Undesign in Orbit
Sigmund, mashed up and reappropiated for an online banner ad experiment promoting social responsbility.

Archipelago Framework
PHP MVC framework developed by Pelago to increase web application integrity and development.


Layer51 Prototype
An open source free-for-all Macromedia Flash ActionScript code repository.

An open-source PHP HTML email transmogrifier for uncooperative email clients (Gmail, we're looking at you).